Acumen in Action #5 / Seeing the Big Picture


Get your team together! 


Lesson outline:  

  1. Activity: Complete the guessing game

  2. Discussion: Answer the questions

  3. Report: Insights and a team selfie



Read the Assets and Airlines case study.


Explore ways your team can become more efficient and productive to improve asset utilization.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, many analysts predicted that the company would either go out of business or be sold by the year's end. What was the major challenge? Apple was focusing too many resources on the wrong products (assets), so Jobs discontinued the inefficient ones in favor of a more streamlined product strategy to improve Apple’s asset strength. Many senior managers resigned, but because of this bold move, Apple went on to become one of the most admired and profitable companies in the world.


👇🏼 Print out a worksheet for each team member before you get started. 👇🏼