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Promote business acumen learning at your organization with our marketing tips and materials.

Email Templates

business acumen training

Launch Emails

Invite employees to participate in the class with these email drafts.

business acumen training

Reminder Emails

Keep the interest for your class high with engaging reminder emails.

Other resources

Course Flyers

business acumen training

Building Business Acumen

Empower your team with the training they need to understand how your company makes money and how their decisions impact the money-making process.

business acumen training

Quarterly Earnings Calls

Gain an objective view of our company’s financial health and learn a process for getting the most out of future quarterly reports in this 60-minute webinar.

business acumen training

Sales Professionals

With financial acumen added to your toolkit, a customer’s growth goals, strategy, market trends, and important KPIs can be interpreted and used to close more business.

business acumen training

Online Training

An instructor-led, customizable virtual experience to build yours or your company's business acumen.


business acumen training

What is Business Acumen? Video

Include this video in your messaging of the importance of business acumen training for everyone's career.

business acumen training

Virtual Training Video

Our virtual training is different. Use this video to get your employees excited to participate in their upcoming virtual class.

business acumen training

Online Training Video

Our online training is different. Use this video to get your employees excited in participating in their upcoming online class.

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