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Acumen in Action #6 / Seeing the Big Picture


Get your team together! 


Lesson outline:  

  1. Activity: Go through the slides

  2. Discussion: Answer the questions

  3. Report: Insights and a team selfie



Come up with a growth strategy.


Understand your company’s growth initiatives - how to support them and how to impact them.

Recently, Wyoming’s population grew by a whopping 1%. That's like having the entire town of Maquoketa, Iowa (population 6,083) move to Wyoming. Interestingly enough, California’s population also grew by 1%, but that's like having the entire city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (population 305,841) pack up their bags and move to the west coast.

When a company grows by 1% it might not seem like a big deal, but remember that the significance of growth depends on the size of the company. For example, for Wal-Mart to grow by just one measly percent, they would have to increase sales by five billion dollars! That's like having every American (including children and babies) walk into Wal-Mart and purchase $16 worth of stuff. That doesn't sound so measly now, does it?

While investors expect growth, employees are energized by it, customers are attracted to it, and executives are measured by it – it's important to keep growth in perspective and have a clear understanding of what it actually takes grow a company.


👇🏼 Print out a worksheet for each team member before you get started. 👇🏼

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