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Acumen in Action #1 / Seeing the Big Picture

If you haven't already, print out your Acumen in Action checklist to keep track of your progress. 


Get your team together! 


Lesson outline:  

  1. Activity: Watch the video 

  2. Discussion: Answer the questions

  3. Report: Insights and a team selfie



Read a letter to shareholders



Be the type of employee that management can’t imagine running the business without.
You'll remember from your course that success comes from seeing the bigger picture of your business, but too often people are overly entrenched in their roles to do that. They may do a good job, but they do the right things for the wrong reasons. Your goal is to help your team understand the importance of developing a big-picture mentality. Make the point that your CEO needs everyone to understand how the overall business works, not just how their department works. 



👇🏼 Print out a worksheet for each team member before you get started. 👇🏼

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