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Acumen in Action #2 / Seeing the Big Picture


Get your team together! 


Lesson outline:  

  1. Activity: Watch the video 

  2. Discussion: Answer the questions

  3. Report: Insights and a team selfie



Read the NASA v. SpaceX case study.


Sharpen your business acumen to cut through the complexities of your business.

Years ago a colleague of ours was consulting with a group of senior NASA managers at Cape Canaveral. He tried to explain an organizational change strategy to the confused group, and said, "Please don't make this more complicated than it is. It's not rocket science." 

To which they sincerely answered, "We wish it were! We'd understand it better!"

Fortunately, you've learned about the 5 Business Drivers! The goal of this lesson is to help your team and colleagues understand that your business doesn’t have to be complex and that no matter their role, each individual can impact the business in a very real way.


👇🏼 Print out a worksheet for each team member before you get started. 👇🏼

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